WeThink is November’s top agency in Community Management in Denmark.


Advertising Agency WeThink is proud to be announced as this month’s winners of Community Management in TDA’s global agency awards.
This Award recognizes WeThink’s commitment to providing innovative community management. TDA has an impressive roster of 4800+ global
agencies on its marketplace, and WeThink is delighted to have been selected winners, among the thousands up for consideration.


TDA’s CEO, Goran Deak elaborates: “We are proud to celebrate leading agencies across the world – and proud to showcase them on TDA.
The winners are truly the best at what they do, which, in a highly competitive and fast-paced industry, is something to really shout about.”

TDA’s awards program celebrates agencies of all shapes and sizes around the world. To be a contender, all that matters is that they have a portfolio
of outstanding work, verified by their clients. A TDA award relies on client feedback, which makes it especially meaningful for the winners.


Managing Director and Partner at WeThink, Patrik Thelin expresses great satisfaction: “It is truly an honor being recognized by TDA as the top
agency in Community Management. Especially in a time where we expand with our new agency: WeThink Social. Big thanks to our team for
all the hard work – we look forward to carrying our specialties on into WeThink Social.”




WeThink (Social)

WeThink combines creativity with clever media thinking and a handful of courage to deliver results for their clients. Recently, they extended
by a new Social Media agency: WeThink Social. With their new and dedicated Social Media agency, WeThink will carry on their experiences
from operations across national borders and cultural differences. By tracking, optimizing and following up on all content on all platforms,
WeThink Social cover all of the clients social media management from start to finish. Noticeable result and intelligent use of data, combined
with high creative and strategic standards, is the main focus at WeThink Social.

For more information, please visit: wethinksocial.dk