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Transferring theoretical knowledge into practical value

19. November 2020
Laura WeThink Nordic

I recently joined WeThink Social, which is an independent advertising agency based here in Copenhagen. My role is as a Project Assistant focused on digital advertising, communication and social media marketing.

WeThink Social assists local and international clients to establish a strong digital presence in their chosen markets. As I am learning each day, the way this is achieved is through creative content that responds to the technical possibilities of each platform and drives relevance for each audience. Our idea is that a world where advertising and marketing is tracked and based on performance is world where advertising and marketing has a genuine potential to add value. When done well, advertising and marketing (aka communication) can seamlessly connect people with their needs, wants and aspirations. 

I am currently studying a Masters in Communication and IT at the University of Copenhagen. At WeThink Social I get to combine the theoretical aspect of communications and technology that I have learned from my studies with practical experience in the real world. As such, while I am gaining knowledge of concept development, data mining as well as learning about digital platforms and media through my studies, my job allows me to make these skills concrete.

I am particularly interested in analysing data to gain insights, so that we can recommend new and better digital strategies for our customers. Through my study, I have learned the importance of involving customers and understanding their situation before taking the step to choose technology. This is a critical part of the value equation and also a way to reduce unnecessary low value advertising. In particular, the fundamental skill of being able to analyse large amounts of data, which I have learned through my study, greatly assists me in my daily work.

I am finding that my theoretical understanding of the interplay between humans and technology is an important asset in my role at WeThink Social.

I am excited to be part of a creative culture and an agency that genuinely strives to deliver the best for our customers each time. I have a strong sense that the new challenges I get everyday are helping to shape my future career.