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Guides and inspires Nordic municipalities through the process of building with wood.

A global software company within the construction industry.

Cooperation between SEB Kort and SAS – Scandinavian Airlines Services.

Union for skilled workers in IT, engineering and mechanics.

Adressing the root causes of climate change.

Globally diversified healthcare company.

Denmark’s largest job portal.

Public / private exports and food partnership.

International energy company with renewable energy.

Multinational pharmaceutical and life science company.

An Insurance company focused on local services 

A global manufacturer of Building Insulation.

Lawyer specializing in criminal cases and family cases.

A global manufacturer of sound insulation.


Provider of advice and venture capital to companies working in developing countries.

Global Biotech company for dental hygiene.

International energy company with renewable energy.

International manufacturer of exercise bikes.

Natural alkaline spring water

Danish distribution company that distributes advertisements throughout Denmark.