Learning by doing in the age of opportunity

Learning by doing in the age of opportunity

10. December 2020

What do you want to be when you grow up? For some people the answer has always been clear. For others, like me, this question is literally a never ending story…

That explains why I spent the past years working within the event industry, while studying visual communication and teaching yoga. On top of that, my family and I started a wine company together back in 2017. Without any prior experience, I began to do everything from creating social media content, to presenting the wine to restaurants, and learning how to update the website. I’ve always been a typical ‘generalist’, so doing a little bit of everything felt natural. However, I became more interested in working on the creative aspects and started to look for an education where I could follow this desire. Luckily, I came across the school Hyper Island. I became really intrigued by the fact that the whole education is based on working in teams, solving problems for real clients, while being guided by industry professionals from all over the world. 

I decided to apply for the Content Developer program in Stockholm, and was later called to the interview. I can still remember one question they asked me, which was simply “why do you want to study content development?”. After what felt like very long seconds I replied “because I want to reach out”. Even now, almost two years later, that is still how I would explain why I do what I do. My desire to understand people and what actually can change a behaviour, thought, or emotion, is what keeps me hungry to learn about the world of content, communication and design. 

Therefore I had butterflies in my stomach when I finally got accepted to Hyper Island. Since then I’ve had the privilege to explore many different areas, such as storytelling, design thinking, concept development, content production and strategy. During this journey I started to dream about working more with graphic design. When it was time to apply for internships I began looking for design agencies both in Sweden and abroad, and was thrilled when I saw an internship opportunity opening up at WeThink in Copenhagen. I decided to reach out, even if it felt a bit scary since I had neither a long nor formal education within design. The Nordic gods must have been on my side, because WeThink have welcomed me to the team with open arms. 

It has only been a few weeks since I stepped into the office, but I must say that I’m fascinated by the open, collaborative yet fast paced and focused atmosphere I’ve experienced so far. I’m especially grateful to be surrounded by so many brilliant minds to learn from. It makes it possible for me to refine my creative skills every single day. Even though I’m still a typical ‘generalist’ who might never know exactly what I want to be when I grow up, it feels amazing to really dive deeper into the universe of design. Because something I do know is that It’s always worth going where there’s passion. No matter what.

Creative Internship 2021

Creative Internship 2021

30. November 2020

For our team we are looking for a creative intern starting in 2021

WeThink is a creative, strategic and digital agency located in the heart of Copenhagen on Kompagnistræde. We work locally, across the Nordics and globally with brands that challenge traditional approaches in terms of concepts, strategies, digital efforts and communication.

We imagine that you:

  • Love to be creative
  • Have a deep understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Are interested in taking your creative output to a new level
  • Can work independently and dare to ask questions
  • Are excited to be part of a team driven by creativity

Among other things your tasks will include:

  • Create stunning graphics and promotional materials
  • Brainstorm new ideas for material
  • Work independently/collaboratively with management on creative operations, brand development, and continuity.

At WeThink you’ll become a part of a creative culture that brings people together and delivers the best every time. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to be challenged as much as you dare to be, giving you the creative freedom to learn as much as possible.

Are you the next member of our team? Send an email with your application, your resume and examples of your work to gh@wethinknordic.com.

You can read more about us and see our work at:

wethinknordic.com and wethinksocial.dk

The internship is unpaid, and lunch is provided. The period is January 2021 and we will accept applications on an ongoing basis. Working hours are 37 hours per week.

Transferring theoretical knowledge into practical value

Transferring theoretical knowledge into practical value

19. November 2020

I recently joined WeThink Social, which is an independent advertising agency based here in Copenhagen. My role is as a Project Assistant focused on digital advertising, communication and social media marketing.

WeThink Social assists local and international clients to establish a strong digital presence in their chosen markets. As I am learning each day, the way this is achieved is through creative content that responds to the technical possibilities of each platform and drives relevance for each audience. Our idea is that a world where advertising and marketing is tracked and based on performance is world where advertising and marketing has a genuine potential to add value. When done well, advertising and marketing (aka communication) can seamlessly connect people with their needs, wants and aspirations. 

I am currently studying a Masters in Communication and IT at the University of Copenhagen. At WeThink Social I get to combine the theoretical aspect of communications and technology that I have learned from my studies with practical experience in the real world. As such, while I am gaining knowledge of concept development, data mining as well as learning about digital platforms and media through my studies, my job allows me to make these skills concrete.

I am particularly interested in analysing data to gain insights, so that we can recommend new and better digital strategies for our customers. Through my study, I have learned the importance of involving customers and understanding their situation before taking the step to choose technology. This is a critical part of the value equation and also a way to reduce unnecessary low value advertising. In particular, the fundamental skill of being able to analyse large amounts of data, which I have learned through my study, greatly assists me in my daily work.

I am finding that my theoretical understanding of the interplay between humans and technology is an important asset in my role at WeThink Social.

I am excited to be part of a creative culture and an agency that genuinely strives to deliver the best for our customers each time. I have a strong sense that the new challenges I get everyday are helping to shape my future career.

Tør du at blive udfordret? WeThink søger en kreativ praktikant i efteråret 2020

Tør du at blive udfordret? WeThink søger en kreativ praktikant i efteråret 2020

23. June 2020

WeThink er et kreativt, strategisk og digitalt bureau, der ligger i hjertet af København på Kompagnistræde. Vi arbejder lokalt, nordisk og globalt med brands, der vil udfordre det traditionelle både inden for koncepter, strategier, digitale indsatser og kommunikation.

Du kan læse mere om os og se hvad vi arbejder med på: wethinknordic.com og wethinksocial.dk Til vores team søger vi en kreativ praktikant i efteråret 2020.

Vi forestiller os at du:

  • Er vild med design
  • Hele tiden søger nye tendenser og nytænkning inden for digital design
  • Er stærk i CS-pakken
  • Har erfaring med UX- og UI-design
  • Kan arbejde selvstændigt og tør at stille spørgsmål
  • Vil være en del af et team der udfordrer dig
  • Vil være en del af et team der udfordrer dig

Dine arbejdsopgaver vil b.la. bestå af at:

  • Være med til at løse kreative opgaver for kunder lokalt, nordisk og globalt
  • Være en del af designteamet
  • Udfordre kommunikationskanaler med nye ideer

Hos WeThink bliver du en del af en kreativ kultur, der løfter sammen og som vil levere det bedste hver gang. Du har mulighed for at blive lige så udfordret, som du tør … så du lærer så meget som muligt.

Er det dig, vi søger til vores team? Så send en mail med din ansøgning, dit CV og eksempler på dit arbejde til gh@wethinknordic.com. Har du spørgsmål vedrørende stillingen, er du velkommen til at ringe eller skrive til Ghita Holst – 2031 5980

Praktikopholdet er ulønnet med betalt frokost. Perioden er efteråret 2020 og vi tager løbende imod ansøgninger.  Arbejdstiden er 37 timer om ugen.