Embarking on my next advertising adventure

February 11, 2022

Jumping in and out of my comfort zone

After working in the fashion and music industry, matching brands and talents and mixing the job of project manager with being a YouTube manager at an influencer marketing bureau based in Copenhagen, I am enjoying contributing my knowledge to the skilled team at WeThink.

The last half year with WeThink,  I’ve been working with passionate clients on projects such as shooting a campaign for Share Now promoting their PEUGEOT E-208 car, contributed to Abbott’s new FreeStyle Libre 3 launch – the world’s smallest glucose sensor, and helping GE Healthcare to promote World Prematurity Day – reminding us of babies born too early and the health challenges they can face as they grow up. So, let’s say a variety of very different projects. And that’s what I really like about working at WeThink.


What’s in it for me?

For me it was important to grow my professional skills within strategic consulting in the creative and digital space and to be pushed out of my comfort zone to learn and grow in my career. During my previous job in the influencer marketing industry I worked primarily with strategic solutions based on organic posting and it was a natural next step for me to move on to working more creatively and strategically with digital communication across a variety of solutions.

At WeThink we have an exciting client portfolio that includes a wide range of branches and new target groups to work with. I’m excited to continue working with such talented and ambitious people within the advertising industry and I look forward to gaining more knowhow and being a part of the fun and passionate WeThink family.