Fishy bites, Swimmers and Automobiles

November 11, 2022


What’s been happening these past few months
WeThink is committed to finding different ways to adapt our marketing prowess to the myriad needs of our global clientele. This year has been no break for us in reaching that high standard, and we have been met with a substantial increase in clients, all bringing with them a broad range of new tasks, challenges and opportunities.

While on our journey to best utilise our expertise in deploying the Nordic mindset to the creative marketing challenges we encounter on a daily basis, we would like to offer a snapshot of the horizons WeThink has in sight after the past few months.


What we’ve been up to
Among a growing list of new clients, we’ve had the pleasure of working with SellmerDiers – an up-and-coming sperm bank in Denmark, Aiways – a challenger electric car manufacturer, and NovoMar- a sustainable packaged seafood business based in the US.


Getting the chance to coordinate with an electric car manufacturer in today’s environment is a big deal. Automobiles are the largest consumer category, and at the same time, people are increasingly switching to electric for convenience, elegance and sustainability.

Aiways have chosen us as the sole agency of their brand in the Nordics, and we’ve been helping them in Sweden and Denmark by running ads on the Meta platforms – Facebook and Instagram – and Google, with more work to come in the way of solidifying the Chinese manufacturer’s position as an EV market competitor in Scandinavia.


As an independent agency based in Denmark, we were presented with a unique opportunity to export our approach to Nordic thinking and design to the US, as we became the lead agency for sustainable seafood producer NovoMar, who were focused on an exciting new product launch in the US market. Helping NovoMar position this potential product in the retail market, the idea we came to for their new breaded fish bites was to be appealing to both children and their parents; tasty to the former, and healthy to the latter.

In order to be “loved by kids and trusted by moms,” we created a bold, colourful and imaginative design for their breaded fish bite packaging, with variations for each of the three flavours. Our design included our playful cat-like monster mascot, who is always on the lookout for a tasty bite of fish, which would excite children while maintaining visual themes and information to ensure parents make the right choice for their little ones.


Working with SellmerDiers has also been more than exciting, as we move on as their lead agency within the entirety of Europe. While donating sperm is a topic that some men may feel uncomfortable or confused about, we’ve gotten the special chance to help motivate young men to see past the taboo and recognise the great help it provides to aspiring parents with fertility challenges.

We have had the pleasure of writing copy for their websites, creating distinct visual ads to share on social media platforms and running a campaign to spread the word about sperm donation within major Danish cities. Our campaign proudly took home gold at CommUnity International’s C3 award show.


Looking onward
Three different clients hailing from three different parts of the world focused on three vastly different fields – this is a taste of the world of marketing from our point of view. The ability to adapt to this large variety of clients and their contrasting needs is one of the essential strengths that makes WeThink the powerhouse that it is.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the happenings at WeThink, don’t hesitate to get in touch!