We define clear objectives and conduct research to drive insight and generate strong creative ideas

Our expertise in brand building and performance marketing stretches across multiple platforms and media channels. We have developed our own highly effective WeThink Cobweb Strategy that we use to deliver considered and intelligent communication strategies that meet our clients’ marketing goals. We ensure exceptional execution that stays true to the target audience and draws a consistent strategic thread based on clear and ownable customer insights.







We understand the highly fragmented and contextual nature of our hyper-connected online world, so we know how to rapidly adapt and use words, music, art and even coffee to drive creative differentiation

Inspiration comes in many guises, provoking original and insightful ideas that provide a creative foundation for building brands and generating results. With a strong creative foundation in place, we deliver exceptional execution to ensure consistency across all touch points between brands and customers.







We don't just create content, we build lasting connections

Sustaining an active presence on social media allows you to listen to what people are saying about your brand and enables you to respond as well. Our creative posts and engaging video content help build relationships, capture customers’ attention, and provoke meaningful conversations. To read more about our approach to social media go to



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Customised communication solutions that cut through cultures

Through our strategic partners we have a strong local presence in the Nordic countries and ensure that our clients’ communication solutions are contemporary and culturally relevant. We deliver cost-effective and impactful campaigns ready for execution across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. We also bring our unique Nordic thinking to our clients across wider Europe, the Americas and Asia.


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Patrik Thelin

Strategic Director / Partner

Ghita Algreen Holst

Creative Director / Partner

Claus Møllebro

WeThinkKompagnistræde 21,1208 København K(+45) 53 38 59 80

CVR: 38541374Danske Bank9173 11352634

News & Articles

JUNE 23 - 2020

Til vores team søger vi en kreativ praktikant fra august 2020.

JUNE 23 - 2020

For our team we are looking for a creative intern from August 2020.

MAY 27 - 2020

This year the efficient and natural toothpaste DentaCure will expand to new markets. Advertising agency WeThink has already changed the identity of communication. 

MAY 6 - 2020

It is important to strengthen your body during  these times - and with the nature based products from New Nordic it is even really easy. We at WeThink have been chosen to spread the good word to the world, and the first four global commercials, along with a branding film, is already launched by now. 

APRIL 24 - 2020

Wood must become a part of the future constructions in the councils throughout the Nordic countries – this is helped by WeThink Nordic and Teknologisk Institut. 

FEBRUARY 14 - 2020

The global specialist social media agency network “Agencies.Social” has chosen WeThink Social as representative of the Nordic countries.

NOVEMBER 22 - 2019

WeThink is November’s top agency in Community Management in Denmark.

NOVEMBER 21 - 2019

The advertising agency WeThink extends by a new Social Media agency: WeThink Social. WeThink’s prolonged experience with the Nordic market, along with their operations across national borders and cultural differences, has given the agency the perfect take off.

OCTOBER 11 - 2019

The advertising agency WeThink has developed a global branding campaign for the American software company Bluebeam, dedicated to all the people building our world. 

MAY 10 - 2019

WeThink will be in charge of the international branding of Soluble Beta-Glucan (SBG) and the wound care product Woulgan, which contains SBG. 

APR 29 - 2019

Bluebeam has chosen its Nordic lead agency to help builder a stonger brand position in the Nordic market. 

APR 01 - 2019

The Copenhagen based independent ad agency is well established in Denmark as well as the other Nordic countries. 

MAR 14 - 2019

E.ON Hotel Solutions, og bureauet WeThink har været med til at tænke grønt fra starten.

APR 11 – 2018

Xact Consulting var på vej til en stor IBM-konference i Las Vegas og manglede bl.a. en visuel identitet til et nyt produkt. Et dansk bureau leverede varen.

NOV 01 – 2017

Det københavnske reklamebureau WeThink, der efterhånden har masser af erfaring med at arbejde...

OKT 02 – 2017

Valget faldt på WeThink, der dermed skal udvikle alt fra mobilannoncering over SoMe-aktiviteter til et...

SEP 18 – 2017

Valget faldt på det københavnske bureau WeThink, der dermed får det kreative og strategiske ansvar...

JUN 30 – 2017

Det går stærkt i øjeblikket på det fire år gamle københavnske reklamebureau WeThink...